Virtual Event Organizer – Zoom Webinar – and Virtual Meeting Service Indonesia

Virtual Event Organizer - Zoom Webinar - and Virtual Meeting Service Indonesia

Virtual Event Organizer – Zoom Webinar – and Virtual Meeting Service Indonesia


Webinar Zoom services , Virtual Event Organizer and virtual meetings may be unfamiliar to some people. However , this is not for office employees who are forced to work from home during Corona Pandemi . So that the Zoom Webinar is an option for holding virtual events and virtual meetings . However , hosting a virtual webinar event is not as easy as we think. And because of that you will need Zoom webinar operator services and webinar packages zoom . Especially if the webinar participants zoom up to 500 to 1000 participants , surely you need to rent a zoom webinar hosting . So the presence of a zoom Webinar Service provider (Webinar Service / Webinar Provider) is currently a new business field. There have been many Jakarta event organizers , Bandung event organizers And Jogja Event Organizer Do this Business . Even Many of Indonesian virtual event organizers provide Virtual Event and Virtual Meeting Packages .

Currently We Also Provide Webinar Services and Virtual Events in Pontianak, Kalimantan . We Are Ready To Serve The Zoom Webinar Package (Webinar Service / Webinar Provider) – Virtual Events and Virtual Meetings in all cities of West Java , Bandung, Bogor, Sumedang, Garut, Depok and Bekasi . Apart from that, We Also Provide Webinar Services – Virtual Event Organizer in East Jakarta, West Jakarta, South Jakarta, North Jakarta and Central Jakarta. Then for Zoom webinar operator services in Cibinong City, Karawang, Pelabuhan Ratu, Indramayu Webinar Services, Kuningan, Majalengka, Pangandaran, you can also contact us. We Also Serve Webinars And Virtual Events In Ciamis, Tasikmalaya And Sukabumi Areas.

Virtual Event

During the Corona Pandemic, many scheduled annual events were delayed due to the ban on gathering. So that the choice of making it a Virtual Event is a must. Even though changing a real event to a virtual one, you still have to put forward the ultimate goal of organizing the event. Here, we need a drafter who can turn a real event into a virtual one without losing its essence. So a Virtual Event is an event that is held with a video streaming platform, involving many participants with a certain arrangement of events.

Virtual Meeting

Virtual Meeting is a discussion and collaboration through a video conference platform to create organizational policies. Then the Virtual Meeting must be packaged interactively like an offline meeting. Everyone in the meeting can listen and talk to each other and can make voice / picture interruptions. The position of the organizer is very important to control the traffic sound and images that will appear.


Then What is the difference between a Webinar and a Virtual Meeting and Event in its organization. In practice, all three are the same as using a video conference platform. Only what distinguishes the objective of the event, number of participants, and format of implementation. Webinars themselves usually aim for promotional activities, outreach, education, talk shows with many participants.

Zoom Webinar Service Package Organizer – Virtual Event Organizer

To organize an event, both offline and online, we need a committee. Then from the concept of this committee will be a reference for the success of the implementation of the event. That’s why CV Amanah Transporter is here as a webinar operator service that will make your virtual event a success. With the support of a professional Video Streaming Equipment Crew and Webinar Hosting, ready to help your virtual event committee. We are ready to serve the Zoom Webinar Package – Virtual Event and Virtual Meeting for Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi, Depok and Bandung.

The Following Are Events That Can Be Held In Virtual


1. Virtual Coordination Meeting

For companies or organizations the Coordination Meeting is a routine event that must be held within a certain period of time. Usually the Coordination Meeting will discuss many matters, both with domestic and foreign meeting participants.

2. Virtual Exhibition

In addition, exhibitions can now be held by teleconferencing or video streaming. We can design an exhibition without renting a venue. With the video recording concept, we can present an atmosphere of an exhibition of the products or services that you sell. With 3D Green Screen technology, we can bring participants to feel the atmosphere in the exhibition room. Click the Link for Amanah Virtual Exhibition Development Services

3. Virtual concert

Many Musicians are now selling their music concerts by Video streaming (Virtual). The audience will be able to feel the atmosphere of the concert with the clarity of the sound and the original stage atmosphere. We will design a 3D stage with a green screen that will give the impression of an offline concert.

4. Virtual Tour

For Tour And Travel, the Virtual Tour concept is an effective way to still be able to earn income during a pandemic. We and the team will package a video streaming or recording about the tour. So that viewers have an image and are interested in coming directly when the pandemic is over. In addition, we can also make a Virtual Tour for Hotels, Art houses, painting galleries as presented by the Indonesian Museum. Click this Link

5. Virtual Marriage

We Even Serve Virtual Event Services Online wedding events that are no less sacred than offline weddings when there is no Pandemic. Once again we will play with 3D Green Screen technology which brings a real atmosphere in the form of a video.

5. Webinar Talk Show, Public Lecture, Religious Events, Refresher courses and others

And the products that we often do are webinars, talk shows, public lectures, religious events, upgrades and so on. We present complete with online registration, MC and Moderator to Electronic Certificate procurement.


Zoom Webinar Service Package – Virtual Event and Virtual Meeting


📽 Package 1 Zoom Webinar Services – Virtual Event and Virtual Meeting Rp. 1,000,000

Rent Webinar zoom account Up to 100 participants, Maximum 4 hours (Webinar Hosting)
Webinar zoom technician / operator
Title animation

📽 Package 2 Zoom Webinar Services – Virtual Event and Virtual Meeting Rp.4,500,000

Rent Webinar zoom account Up to 500 participants, Maximum 4 hours (Webinar Hosting)
1 Streaming Camera
1 PC / laptop
Zoom Webinar Operators
Title animation
E registration & Event reminder

📽 Standard Virtual Event Organizer Rp. 7,000,000

Webinar account zoom meeting up to 500 Participants Maximum 4 hours
1 streaming camera
1 PC / laptop
e registration & Event reminder
Live streaming youtube / FB
Animated / bumper video intro
Title animation
E certificate

📽 On site Virtual Event Organizer IDR 15,000,000

Webinar account zoom meeting large for up to 1000 attendees
2 camera streaming
3 laptops / PCs
1 plasma minitor 50 inc
e registration & event reminder
Live streaming youtube / FB
Animated / bumper video intro,
Title animation
e certificate

📽 Mega Virtual Event IDR 22,000,000

Hosting Webinar Zoom large meeting Up to 1000 attendees
3 streaming cameras
4 PCs / Laptops
1 set of audio system
2 Plasma monitors 50 inc
Stage / virtual 3D stage
Live streaming youtube / FB
Registration form and certificate
Animated / bumper video intro,
Animation Tittle.

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